Mar 16, 2012

Quick roundup

Before I'd share some photos of my current work, here is a small post about what's been going on lately. The reason I hadn't been posting for a while again is that I'm on one part lazy, on the other hand I forgot to upload the latest pictures on my hard drive.
  • This kind guy in the model shop told me to use drain cleaner to remove the oil paint (see previous post). I bought a Mr. Muscle one (the stuff he said was apparently nowhere to be found), it works well, the winged hussars are already being stripped from paint (a lots of layers and therefore losing detail was a curse, especially that the figures are truly good).
  • Finally got a box of Italeri's Austrian infantry (been looking for it a while with no success, now there were at least ten boxes of them) along with static grass and plasticine, planning a massive rebasing. 
  •  The blog needs a spring cleaning too, I've already disabled the page for the JWI units as there will be changes and a LOT of repainting/rebasing, keeping me busy - at least on the painting front - for quite enough time. I need to reorganize the tags and sort out the posts themselves.
What else I have bought and am currently painting are:
  • Italeri Romans wait for a dip 'n' go. 
  • The JWI Dorrosean dragoons are nearing completion: I've tried to do more highlighting instead of washes this time, it's better on the faces for instance but clearly not my cup of tea (I don't really care about time consumption [which is a lot more], nor say this way is bad in any meanings). 
  • Less process on the cuirassiers, some of the clothing was done tonight and starting horses tomorrow with a grey/white basic colour.
Also I'd like to welcome Tim from the blog Fidus et Audax, thanks for following!


  1. Progress is good and looking forward to some pics..

  2. Hi Andrew, no worries! I second Fran, I'm looking forward to seeing your Romans