Jan 10, 2012

Painting diary XIII.

This time with... Vikings!
Oh well, to be honest, I've always loved Vikings, and read myself through a lots of books including Bernard Cornwell's and Tim Severin's novels to the good ol' historical book of Rudolf Pörtner (the latter is very highly recommended as a source for... um, everything about the Vikings!). 
The figures are Zvezda of course (the one above is the chief) and will be multi-tasked as, by one side, they'll act as the Fists of Mackowskill, a very traditional volunteer army in the JWI, and they'll make up a core for any medieval era infantry unit including the Jackewlinese Methorin Wars and, with a generic painting pattern, any Norse raids. 

Here you can inspect the standard bearer with an already attached flag. So far I've completed these two only.

I started painting them in batches, the first one is three Berserks, six archers and the command&standard.

The shields are painted the same time as the figures, no hurry.

Also undercoated this bunch of musketeers, whom will be JWI Klagimir Free Warriors of the northern provinces. They had a Turkish-sounding name which I apparently forgot. The other Klagimiryan additions will be Zvezda janissaries and Turkish cavalry.

Horse for a Dorroseani limber. These originally belonged to the Revell WWII German artillery set.

The third Mesr Wars tank's turret and hull is being painted here. Funny thing is, you can separate the lower part with the tracks and this makes painting a lot more easier.

Along with the Viking figures and the musketeers, I'm planning to start painting these guys (Zvezda Strelets) as Jackewlinese marines.