Jan 2, 2012

New year's review

This blog started on the 11th August 2011, almost half a year ago. This is the 93rd post, most of which is about miniature painting. Roughly I painted up 17 boxes of soldiers in a different quality from only a dip on the surface till some very shiny results on the later Uhlans and Guard Sappers.
Speaking of vehicles and miscellaneous, there is the Jackewlinese limber (the Dorin counterpart is in progress), 5 buildings finished, one WIP, a batch of other terrain pieces, the Mesr Wars vehicles (one finished, one undercoated, one assembled), the three IS-2s (the fast assembly ones finished and based, the kit's turret assembled).

Future projects: Try doing some part-time job in February so I could afford a bigger shopping.
  • JWI: finishing the main armies, adding Methorin and Klagimir troops
  • Early Jackewline Civil War with the Zvezda GNW sets (a basic painting for clan colors)
  • Mesr Wars with WWI figures and vehicles
  • Medieval Methorin Wars with the ever awesome Zvezda HYW sets

The last thing to say is I hope everyone had a productive year on the painting front and a good one in any other manners.

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