Dec 16, 2011

Winter of 10596 Campaign

Off to a campaign with the completed collection of my minature armies- Somewhere in the East Mountains in Jackewline, a few, tired but experienced Jackewlinese regiments are facing new Dorroseani units coming from the border. The campaign will begin tomorrow.

Objectives at the beginning of the campaign:
-Dorrosean: the main army with its four regiments is commanded to break through the Jackewline line and destroy all opponents facing them. The southern units shall protect the rears and flanks of the main attack force and capture/loot anything they find in the undefended or lightly defended villages.
-Jackewline: The Maquirech and Sannereid Regiments are supposed to counter the enemy attack (which at the moment they are unaware of) and rout or destroy all enemy troops within the area to secure it.

-I will conduct the main movements and decide which unit acts how in the strategic map while in the battlefield my brothers would take charge (of course with my supervision).


Unit sign with dot over it - Regiment
Unit sign with darker dot - Irregular Regiment (in this case, Dorroseani militia)
Unit sign with golden dot - Guard Regiment
Unit sign w/o dot - secluded Battalion

Villages - black-red squares
There is an old Fergh (fort) NE of the two main Jackewline regiments which the opponents desire to take for a base of future strategic movements.
Roads - brown lines
Paths / passages - dotted lines
Woods - green lines
Hills - ochre curves
Water - blue lines

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