Dec 21, 2011

Finished units - Red clans guard sappers/grenadiers

Nothing much to comment on, they're ready, wearing black.  Besides Major Gellesger's battalion of grenadiers, Maquirech's regiment has a company of Guard Sappers during the 10596 winter campaign. They'll have a lot work to do.

First of all, I haven't used washes on these (painted 29, the rest 12 will be given away), only on the faces and hands, after which I mixed up a black paint/matte varnish for a dip: the result is quite significant!

Commander (Major Gellesger/ Major Albsevich in the campaign role)

Musicians and standard (only the pole, the pattern is right here, I just need to print it out)

The original sapper figure had some mould problems at the cross-straps, that seems on the painting too 

Knapsacks - in fact I started liking to paint them as they're easy job and are wonderfully shaped on these little guys

The whole 'Red army' together, line and guard infantry. 

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