Nov 15, 2011

Painting diary VIII.

The bases for the Dorroseani 8pdrs are finished.

Improved (quickie) painting on some figure from Revell's German artillery on horse as Fricklander Light Dragoons (on Roman horses :D)

Carriage and base for a Jackewline howitzer converted from the German 15cm gun (we gotta use what we have).

This is from the Italeri French Artillery's limber wheels and a matchstick+cardboard paper, a light gun /howitzer barrel could either be added.

The crew is also ready for the Dorin guns - no need to wash or varnish, this is also a temporally solution.

Dorroseani line infantry is almost ready.

And I bought these lil masterpieces, Zvezda French Imperial Guard - will be painted as Red clans Guard Grenadier Sappers

The sculpting is just excellent

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