Nov 9, 2011

Dorroseani army in the Jackewline War of Independence

This summary does not contain the Colonial forces and the Republican Navy.

I. Command
A) Chief of staff (Marshal)
-Tactical adjutants (2, in ranks of Colonel)
-Personal messengers (2, in ranks of Field Officers)
-Aide-de-camp (in rank of Staff Officer)
-Liaison officer of the Intervention (Colonel)

-Directly assigned units: 5th Guard Battalion

B) Staff
-Staff Generals
-Deputies of corps (Guard, Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery)
-Logistics Chief of Staff
-Liaison officer of the Navy
-Commander of the Intervention Forces

C) Principal officers
-Army commanders
-Corps and sub-corps commanders

-Logistics Major officer
-General of Provosts and Militia

-Guard Field Officers

-Aides, messengers, liaison officers of Staff

D) Field officers

-Brigade- and regiment commanders
-Battalion - and company commanders
-Deputy officers

II. Guard of Dorrosean
under the chief of I Guard Corps

Infantry Sub-Corps: 12 Regiments, = 4 Brigades
Cavalry Sub-Corps: 8 Regiments, =2 Brigades
Guard Artillery: 3 Regiments (2 Foot, 1 Horse), 1 Brigade

III. Intervention - 3éme Brigade des Intervention Crontaineviller

A) Staff
Chief of staff of Intervention
Staff officers
Logistical Liaison Officer
Messenger Service

B) Units

72. Regiment de Chasseurs a Pied
98. Battalion de Infanterie-Légere
5. Rgt. Chasseurs a Cheval
98. Rgt. Grenadiers du Garde
52. Battalion de Garde-Artillerie

IV. Regular armies

Armies I and II
Corps 1., 2., 3., 4.
Sub-corps I-XII

Regular Sub-Corp: 2 Infantry and 1 Cavalry Brigades

1st Infantry Brigade
-Chasseur Regiment with Skirmisher Company
-Light Infantry Regiment
-Line Infantry Regiment plus Line Grenadier Battalion

2nd Infantry Brigade
-Line Artillery Regiment
-Line Infantry Regiment
-Chasseur Regiment

Cavalry Brigade (the regiments serve with 2 battalions)
-3 Light Cavalry Regiments (Dragoons/Chasseurs/Uhlans)
-2 Cuirassier Regiments
-1 Battalion of Horse Artillery

V. Second-line units

-Militia - in form of Regiments, volunteer units with low equipment and morale
-Logistics service

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