Sep 12, 2011

Vikings in Stephen I's Court - Viking fesztivál 2011

There's this annual meeting at my town where viking reenactors and other cool guys gather up to make a weekend's fun. Last year I didn't go because of the weather, and the only reason I've gone this year was to see the new knight's hall the owners built up. Only spent half an hour or so, because every each of the events (like medieval Hungarian riders vs. norsemen and so on) went on and passed. Basically I only came to practice photoshooting and visit the hall. The entry price has been doubled since last year, so in my opinion it totally didn't worth it - if I manage to come next year, a) I'll arrive earlier and on the first day of the event b) I won't come at all because the tickets are already at an insane price.
One of the small reenactor camps in the field nearby the hall and the surrounding paling fort.

Entrance from the village to the fort.

The hall was built of an old military barracks - it's near an airfield. Quite amazing work I think.

It even has statues.

And the inside is well done too.

Well at least without the lights, they quite ruin the image.

There are some (definitely borrowed) weapons and metal tools around the walls with armors and dresses too.

The centre of the hall and the lord's seat.

Very nice, isn't it?

An old-looking viking helmet.

There was a barrel full of cold steel weapons from scimitars to longswords so I tried some out (as gently as I could 'cause there were children around).
-Lord, save us from the Hungarians' arrows! - It's actually A sagittis..., but I've seen worse mistakes of this precious citation. The point is: Miniature table! - Made by Hungarian wargamers.
As far as I could tell, it depicts a medieval battle between Hungarians and - most presumably - German knights.

A fine little fort.

This is the only infantry group on the field.

There were vendors as well, selling a lot of stuffs - mostly ancient Hungarian stuff such as bows, wool equiptment, saddles and a lot of second-hand, rusty swords - but as usual, they have costed many times their real price. I've got a compound bow and I actually lack arrows, but I didn't buy a thing. At least 2 years ago there was ale: now there wasn't any. Quite disappointing.


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