Sep 28, 2011

Schedule for the next few weeks I am only able to do the paintings at weekends, I made a schedule when and what to do.
-This (e. g. the previous) weekend:
  • painted both the horse and crew for red clans heavy cavalry.
  • finished the horses for Dorrosean light cavalry.
  • went on with green grenadiers: painted the plume and trousers.
  • my old Airfix french cuirassiers got a base coating and will be ready to detail by next weekend.

-Next weekend:
  • prep and base paint Zvezda cuirassiers.
  • giving my Voltigeurs a better base and repaint them in a lighter color scheme.
  • finish assembling the light cavalry.
  • finish painting Zvezda grenadiers: greatcoats, skin, arms - will be ready to wash+varnish, put to bases.
  • a quick wash+varnish to Airfix French Guard grenadiers. 
  • detailing and finishing Dorroseani cuirassiers.
  • detailing and finishing Voltigeurs.
  • when green grenadiers are done: base coating Airfix AWI British and start painting as Crontaineville chasseurs on Dorroseani side.
  • later: repainting Vikings and Strelets; washing (or completely repainting, still to be decided) Airfix Scots.

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