Aug 28, 2011

An interesting experience - Starship Duel: The Board Game

About a year ago I've made a computer program in Turbo Pascal code in which two ships with different attributes duel each other. Later my pal Balázs converted it to a console game and we named it Starship Duel. It looks like this apparently:

A few days ago from now I've been working on a hex grid based board game to pair up with Starship Duel, containing icons of  the units and various space objects. So after completing the ship icons to all (3 playable factions, 30+) custom ships and placing a few objects like asteroid fields, black holes, suns and planets, I came up with a test map and a ridiculously short (1 page) rulebook for the movements (as the battle was already in the prog). Basically the moves are after a 6-sided dice roll deciding how many ships the player can move in that turn; frigates are able to move 3 hexes, other units 2 hexes a turn (therefore the slightly small map resolution); planetary defense are restricted to move only around the planet/moon, and fighters can't leave the 2 hex proximity of their higher class mothership.

The test map takes after a small solar system with a huge ice planet plus one moon, a star and a smaller habitable planet. I played the game with my little brother: his was the defensive role (Borderlands Confederation), forces placed mostly around the planet, while mine were the attacking ones (Central Galaxy Republic).
Dice was a 1-6 random roll TP program, map and movements were done in MS Paint, battle simulations in Starship Duel.

Gameplay screenshot:

The nice thing in SD is the in-game battles are mostly decided by luck: if rolls fine, a fighter can destroy a battleship (as my brother proved: he killed one of my dreadnoughts with his fighter). Last pic: the end move of the game: with more high class ships and thougt-out play in about 1 hour I managed to capture one of the defended planets and reduced my brother's forces till he withdrew; he played well though. Great game indeed!

End move of the game:

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