Mar 18, 2014

A Nomination!

Luca has nominated my blog for the viral Dardos award for it (and him) being cool. This is a heavy burden as I have to nominate 15 other blogs for it. That's a serious multiplication and so I bet the blogosphere will be soon teeming with 'Darts' flying all over the place: if one person nominates 15 others, then all of those 15 more, that's already 240 people!
So my list is:

To 'claim' this award, you have to simply nominate 15 other blogs.

And also the Liebster Award which was circling around last year as well but this is the: Liebster Hard Mode, as there are questions to be answered!

Luca has combined the two awards so I am doing the same: people on the list above should answer my 9 questions, tell 11 true things about themselves and if they wish to pass the award to others, ask 9 other questions and nominate 11 blogs (which can be included in the 15 nominated for the Dardos Award, but if you're feeling generous, you can nominate 15+11).

Of course this it totally voluntary.

Eleven true things about me:
1. I had a fear of wasps until last year. I haven't been stung for a long while and being a kid they were very painful. Now they are less painful and more an annoyance, also I can waste the little buggers a lot easier.
2. I have been to the deepest pits of the Internet and came back sane.
3. I am a left wing libertarian but hate greens and all leftist parties in my country. I like the current greens' rhetorics and presence in the parliament but disagree with their views.
4. I hate 99% of popular music and this is the main reason I don't go to parties.
5. I have more than 5 incomplete novels in progress.
6. My favourite computer games are 10+ years old. Centurio, my 2nd favourite is older than me (the game was made in 1990 and I was born in '91). It does not even run on my computer now.
7. In the past year I have read more books in English than in my mother tongue.
8. I have a very gritty and sometimes obscene humor.
9. When I'm drunk, I can't stop talking.
10. What most people don't know about me: about 20 children's books were published in Hungary featuring my poems. I have won a nation-wide poetry competition in 2008. I still suck at writing poems.
11. I like cockroaches, they're kind of cool. 

Luca's questions were (my Italian is dusty so I have used Google translate, correct me if I'm wrong):

What prompted you to start a blog?  
- Delving into the hobby for the first time and wishing to receive feedback on how and what to do.

What are you looking in the blogs of others?  
- Information and entertainment.

What is the last book you read or are reading?
- I need to look up my diary for this. It was the Black Corsair by E. Salgari. I'm reading a large compendium of Lovecraft's works right now.

What do you like doing in your spare time?  
- Reading, writing. I play the guitar a little. And painting of course. 

Do you seek to involve others in your hobbies?
- I may be organizing a WW2 game for friends soon.

Is there an aphorism that represents you, at least in part?  
- 'Work is chasing me but I'm faster.'

Who is your favorite historical figure?
- Tricky one. If I say someone popular, I lose credibility, if I say someone not so well known I sound like a hipster. So let's go with Suvorov.

What, in your opinion, is the greatest human invention? 
- The Internet. It has sped up things so much. The wheel came as close second.

Complete the sentence: "life is ...
- like the sea, it is full of smelly octopi." - Paolo Coelho's wheelchaired nephew.

The questions to be answered:
1. What brought you into the hobby?
2. What is your favourite food?
3. Wood or plastic?
4. Cat or dog?
5. A famous Hungarian that comes to your mind? 'Goulash' is not an answer.
6. The funniest joke in the world? (bonus points for the reference)
7. A place you would avoid at all cost?
8. A place you'd like to visit in your life?
9. If you'd have to share words of wisdom with someone younger than you, what would you say?

The social aspects of blogging thus being explored, this week will soon continue with


  1. It's always nice to see other people appreciate the work and effort that one puts into writing a blog. Congratulations, Andrâs, well deserved!

  2. Congrats. Thanks for the nomination as well. Interesting questions. I will share my favorite joke, may not be the best but I like it.

    Two guys walk into a bar. The third one ducks.

    1. You're welcome. It took a moment to understand it :D

    2. Huh? (I've just been struck by a fatal case of Senioritis!)

  3. Thank you, Andrew, for the nomination.

  4. Congrats to you...and many thanks for the nomination Andras...
    Best regards,

  5. you deserve both awards!
    well done and go on like this.

  6. Congratulation András and thank you very much for the nomination.


  7. congrats of course and interesting questions and answers !
    Born in 1991 ?? you're a kid for me !!

    1. Thanks, people from all ages are present in the blogosphere... I'm yet to encounter a 3 years old but it's possible.