Sep 20, 2013

Dismal of the Hussite (A Short Story) & Talks of Being Published

1. Dismal of the Hussite airs.

For all of you to whom I have at some point promised, you can reach and read the story about the Czech mercenary at the siege of Szabács who becomes the unwilling hero of the day

Anyone would care, the thing is not under a license by the press and is my intellectual property as a whole. Read, share and enjoy.

PS. I have double checked the grammar, if you find anything amiss, please contact me and let me correct it. The original was set in a 20k letters boundary, this one is a little over that with 37k.
PPS. Fixed the link for the latest version.

2. My publication history.

During this weekend's Vikingfest (weather was crap, didn't stay) I met the CEO of Historium, on whose competition I have 'won' a chance to publish my short story (which I had still not translated, sorry folks. Working on it, read down why). I received the share of the books - titled Century of the Raven - and some pocket money. The anthology contains mine and 11 other authors' short stories.

Guess what most blog people do not know about me is that I have always had a liking to write (but what do blog people know about me at all?); this started at age 9 when the primary school paper published a little story I wrote about my guinea pigs. However prodigious that sounds, my first real successes came in short prose: I won a high school competition (gold for prose and silver for poetry) with a little hist-fic piece I actually wrote as a semester-finishing essay in History. It was about a Gepid chief and the research was done in the local museum.
In 2009 I won a national and over-the-border Hungarian competition in poetry and a handy sum of money, of which I bought my first two boxes of miniatures I had later painted. These were the TYW mercenaries and the Vikings by Zvezda. My poetry blog is over here - the sad thing is, because of different context and grammar (think of the half dozen surplus vowels we have: ő í ó é á ü ö) poetic Hungarian is pretty difficult to translate to English. Thinking, writing in English is one thing, talking is a second - poetry is a third. 
In 2010 a small story came out in an anthology by a publisher named Underground. They sell out your book for dimes, which is a good notion. Since this year I've been getting commissions to write poems to children's books throughout a friend who also goes to law school. His parents run a publisher's agency in Poland and in Hungary.
In 2012 I wrote the Dismal of the Hussite, after researching the Siege of Szabács in the Museum of Military History's library. This was a totally different effort than all the previous ones. Combining fact with fiction was something not entirely new, but new on this level of detail. I wanted a good work given out of my hands.
First half of the year 2013 saw me assembling the better of my poems and organizing them while writing and researching for a school project - the role of the executioner in medieval Hungary. It was all fun, some of the best I had.
I have four or five grand novels unfinished (gosh, just started one!), and a similar number of short stories, ranging from fiction (sci-fi and historical both) to high fantasy. Will see what turns out of them.


  1. Good luck with the writing - it's a good dream to follow. Especially if you can make a living doing it!

    1. Sadly there is little precedent here in Hungary to make writing a full-time job and coming well out of it - this is why I went to law school.

  2. Really looking forward to this and wow, you have a great writing pedigree. Good luck on blazing a trail in that field!