Nov 1, 2012

Artizan Doppelsöldners Part 2

After three unsuccessful attempts at photographing them properly, here are the shots of the figs. Grouped each pose together, one showing the back and one facing the camera then turned them in 180°. Genuinely added a letter to each for color patterns (required a lot of planning), these are C and D or Carl and Dietrich if you wish.

Bases are 10 HUF coins (for a while I thought they will be too small), sand+ water-based varnish, dark brown undercoat, light brown and grey drybrush. Also drybrushed the static grass with a light green.

E and F or Emil and Friedrich. I liked this pose the most. 

Tried to do some extravagant color combinations on each fig, most features at least a tiny bit of purple/red.

A & B or Alfred and Bruno. Very nice poses. Alfred also likes pink.

Turned out quite lovely I think.

G&H or Gerhard and Hugo, more heavily armored than their friends wearing a mail coif, helmet and legplates. Breast- and backplates are mostly hidden by clothes on every fig.

Had a fun time painting them (about one hour per fig) but as they rest on their shelf now I wonder why not expand the army? Should have seen this coming.